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Baťa Canal

  • Type of the point of interest: Boat trips Boat trips
  • Address: Zámecká 2, 698 01 Veselí nad Moravou
  • Telephone: +420 518 325 330
  • Web:
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GPS: 48°56'11.616", 17°20'30.012"

This technical and natural monument was built in the years 1934 – 1938 on Morava river, it is 65 km long, makes a link between Otrokovice and Rohatec and it is also navigable in the adjacent river sections and in the Hodonín surroundings. Every year many bigger and smaller watercrafts including lookout ships (available for rent) plough in the Baťa Canal. Tourists can enhance their trips by visiting many interesting cities, wine cellars and several castles and chateaux.


The Bata-Canal is the used waterway important for transport, class 0. Without licence, it is possible to drive small vessels up to the engine output of 20 kW, which are designed only for buoyancy navigation with the maximum speed of 20 km/h. That means that a person above 18 years of age is allowed to drive the vessel without a special licence; the hire-office staff will only provide training to handle the watercraft. Slide navigation is forbidden. The maximum speed of 5 km/h is allowed on the canal sections.The Bata-Canal is about 60 km long now (from Otrokovice to Sudoměřice). It goes either on the Morava River, or on artificially excavated canal sections. The Canal is navigable from the town of Kroměříž to the town of Hodonín, but here are some “obstacles”: - on the Bata-Canal’s northern side, there is missing a lock at the Bělovský weir nearby Otrokovice, i.e. the section from this weir to Kroměříž is independent and not connected to the rest of the waterway; - on the Bata-Canal’s southern side, there is missing a lock in Sudoměřice, which makes the navigation from the water-gate in the direction of Hodonín impossible – there is an

V oblasti do 30 km jsem nalezl 56 ubytovacích zařízení v těchto obcích:

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