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The Castle Špilberk

GPS: 49°11'40.207", 16°35'58.243"

A former royal castle and later on the seat of the Moravian margraves. In the 17th. century it was rebuilt in one of the biggest Moravian forts. Casemates in the lower part of the fort were used as prison since 1783. Since the 19th. century Špilberk was used as a military house, nowadays it belongs to the most significant monuments of the town and it is also a museum.


For over seven centuries, Špilberk Castle has dominated the skyline of Brno, a reminder of the safety and protection it provided. However, there have been times in the history of Brno when the fortress inspired fear, and represented oppression for the citizens of the city. Over the course of the centuries, the importance of Špilberk and the part it has played have changed considerably. From a major royal castle and the seat of the Moravian margraves, it gradually turned into a huge baroque fortress, the heaviest prison in the Austro-Hungarian empire (the infamous „dungeon of the nations“), and then a barracks. Today, Špilberk houses the Brno City Museum, and is one of the most significant cultural centres in Brno. It was certified as a national heritage monument in 1962.

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