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Koněpruské Caves

GPS: 49°54'54.785", 14°4'3.148"

The three floor cave system with stalactical decoration was created in 400 million year old Devon limestones and since the prehistoric times it served people as shelters or hiding places. The middle floor is a significant archeological discovery site, in the upper floor there was a secret coin workshop.


The magic of this place you can truly enjoy thoroughly and precisely because Koněpruským caves to uncover the mysterious corners beneath the surface. Koněprus caves are the longest and certainly one of the most famous cave systems in Bohemia. Not just for this its "best" is worth seeing. Specialty Koněprusy caves are particularly called Koněprus roses, a number of valuable archaeological finds and secret money workshop. In the part called the Mint in the Middle Ages were forged from copper sheet and silver amalgam "Silver" pennies Hussites with the emblem of the Czech Lion . Entrance to the cave on the southeast slope of the ridge of the Golden Horses in 1950 was executed for shooting, after which the quarry wall discovered a cave opening. Workers from the quarry under the leadership of Charles Champion Mares entered the kingdom of silence and darkness. They had to crawl, to expand the hatches and ended before cave with a hole from which blew draft. In his spare time caving overcome, until it finally penetrated and discovered several rooms of stalactite and a deep chasm komínovitou. For three days after the announcement of the award is lowered into the pit geologist George Kukla To a depth of 27 meters found a small pond and imprints of human feet in files second. Poslech Fonetický přepis Slovník - Zobrazit podrobný slovník

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