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Mladečské Caves

  • Type of the point of interest: Caves, stoles and mining exhibitions Caves, stoles and mining exhibitions
  • Address: Mladeč 84, 784 01 Litovel
  • Telephone: +420 585 347 148
  • Web:
  • E-mail:

GPS: 49°42'22.68", 17°0'57.96"

From the point of view of the karstic evolution, the Mladečské Caves represent a world´s rarity and the paradise for cave explorers and archeologists. The complex labyrinth of the split passages and domes hidden in the lime peak of Třesín contains a nice stalactical decoration. Chrám přírody (The Temple of the Nature) and Panenská jeskyně (Virgin Cave) belong to the most beautiful parts of the underground spaces. The cave was inhabited already in the Old Stone Age Period and it is a very important paleontological and archeological locality.


Ten kilometres from Hanácké Benátky /Venice/ not far from the protected nature landscape area Litovelské Pomoraví, where Haná gets embraced by the hills of the Bouzovská vrchovina /highlands/, we find the Mladečské caves. Their complex labyrinth of fissure passages and domes is inside the hill Třesín (whose name is derived from the sentence “třes se!“ /”shiver!”/). The caves are a real paradise for cave explorers as well as archaeologists.

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