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Chateau Vranov nad Dyjí

GPS: 48°53'31.56", 15°48'46.08"

Before the chateau, there used to be a castle, playing an important role in the defence system of Podyjí area. In the 17th. century the Althan clan built a beautiful Baroque manor on the place of the castle. The most precious part of the manor was designed by an extraordinary architect J. B. Fischer from Erlach. The area is dominated by the Chapel of the Holy Trinity and by the valuable Hall of Ancestors. The sightseeing path documents the development of the aristocratic living style from the end of the 18th. century, throughout the whole 19th. century.


Vranov Castle is among the most noteworthy Baroque buildings in central Europe. It originated by rebuilding an old Romanesque-Gothic castle, mentioned for the first time as a frontier fortress in 1100. Of that fortress were preserved two prismatic towers, a part of the ramparts and the buildings of the so-called fore-castle. The present shape was impressed upon the castle by the counts of Althann after it had been destroyed by fire in 1665. At the end of the 17th century, according to a project of the imperial architect Jan Bernhard Fischer of Erlach, they first had the imposing Hall of Ancestors built and decorated, which dominates the local rugged landscape, giving the last finishing touch to its distinctive charm. Shortly thereafter, the Trinity castle chapel was built as an ideal counterbalance of the Hall. In the 18th century the restoration was completed by the construction of residential buildings of the Courtyard of Honour. The chateau was later owned by the Polish aristocratic family of the Mniszeks, who substantially supported and developed the famous Vranov stoneware factory. The Stadnicky family, relatives of the Mniszeks, then held the chateau until the beginning of World War II. Today the chateau is owned by the state as a National cultural monument.

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