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Golf course Hluboká


is located in a beautiful countryside in Southern Bohemia below the chateau in Hluboká; the golf course covers an area of 64 ha and consists of 18 + 9 holes and a large driving range. On 23rd July 1999, the first golf training started on a training meadow that was created on an area of about 300 x 250 metres by mere mowing the Poříčská louka meadow. Service was provided from a prefabricated unit placed on a concrete panel. This activity was not advertised; however, it quickly became known and prospective golfers, local people as well as people from České Budějovice and the surrounding region, started to visit the training meadow. People from other clubs who were on holiday in the surrounding region and already had some knowledge about golf used to arrive in small groups too. Despite all this, it was more or less public enlightenment and people started to understand that this sport was not aimed at certain exclusive group of people but that it was available to almost everybody. Alongside this activity, a decision to create a simple public golf course was made; this golf course started to be built in August 1999 by mowing golf tracks and creating putting greens without any constructional modifications.

V oblasti do 30 km jsem nalezl 78 ubytovacích zařízení v těchto obcích:

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