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Museum of Crafts in Letohrad

GPS: 50°1'56.176", 16°30'49.853"

In beautiful stylish interiors of the former Baroque granary in Nový Dvůr we can find the biggest Museum of Crafts in the Czech Republic. The exhibition provides an entire image of crafts, especially those from the beginning of the 20th. century. Visitors can look inside typically equipped workshops and find out how wheelers, hoopers, smiths, watchmakers, tailors, hatters, photographers, brickmakers or stone-cutters used to work. Worth visiting is also an exhibition of miller´s trade, the Old Czech pub, a railway station and many other curiosities, interesting exhibits, unique instruments, tools and inventions. In the same building you can also find a stylish restaurant called Na Sýpce and a cellar stony tavern.

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