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The Pozořice Old Post Office

GPS: 49°11'55.1", 16°46'52.417"

Built in 1785, the Pozořice Old Post Office is a valuable and important historical monument harking back to the time of the battle of Austerlitz. On November 28, 1805 this relay station of the Austrian postal service served as the headquarters of Marshall Murat. On the same day Emperor Napoleon held a consultation with his marshalls there and on December 2, 1805 it became - for a change - the headquarters of the Russian General Bagration. After the vuctorious battle, Emperor Napoleon spent a night at the Old Post Office, and on December 3, 1805 he received the Austrian envoy Prince Liechtenstein there to discuss a meeting on armistice with Emperor Franz I.

V oblasti do 30 km jsem nalezl 44 ubytovacích zařízení v těchto obcích:

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