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Folk architecture in Vysočina

  • Type of the point of interest: Open-air museums Open-air museums
  • Address: Husova 41, Hlinsko v Čechách
  • Telephone: +420 469 312 349
  • Web:
  • E-mail:

GPS: 49°45'39.24", 15°50'9.96"

The only intergrated exhibition of folk architecture in the Eastern Bohemia can be found in several colonies of the Vysočina locality and in the city of Hlinsko. If you want to get familiar with the old crafts, you must visit Svobodné Hamry and Možděnice towns, where you can find water hammering iron-mill and old workshops of joiners, coopers, linen producers, weavers, potters and other craftsmen. If you are interested in folk feasts and cultural events focusing on the past life style, do not forget visiting Veselý kopec and its colony of scattered agriculture farmhouses. Among them you will discover other interesting technical monuments such as the mill for cooking plum jam or an oil pressing plant. Finally in the center of Hlinsko, located on the right bank of Chrudimka river, there is a group of beautiful timbered houses from the first half of the 18th. century called Betlém (Bethlehem). Thanks to the exhibitions visitors can learn more about the urban housing and about the small cratfsmen workshops.


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