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Haná Open-Air Museum in Příkazy

  • Type of the point of interest: Open-air museums Open-air museums
  • Address: Příkazy č.p. 54, 783 33
  • Telephone: +420 724 592 675, 585 967 310
  • Web:
  • E-mail:

GPS: 49°38'40.2", 17°8'21.12"

The main point of interest in this open-air ethnographical museum is the Kameníček Ground around which we find four barns – robust buildings with entrances in the scutal walls. In this 200 year old ground we can see exhibitions of living, special part is dedicated to washing and ironing and to the collection of children´s toys. In the barns there are also agricultural machines and tools once used for field work, such as treshing machines and motors, but also tools from various craft shops. There is also an original Haná pub in the museum.


květen: 10-16 hod., jen víkendy a svátky
červen-srpen: 10-17 hod., denně mimo pondělí
září: 10-16 hod., denně mimo pondělí
říjen-březen: možno po předchozí telefonické objednávce


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