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Open-Air Archaelogical Museum Modrá

  • Type of the point of interest: Open-air museums Open-air museums
  • Address: Modrá 170, 687 06 Velehrad
  • Telephone: +420 572 501 823
  • Web:
  • E-mail:

GPS: 49°6'14.4", 17°24'37.08"

The open-air museum is situated on the place of the original Great Moravian settlements only a few kilometres from Uherské Hradiště. Its buildings, representing the ideal form of the Slavic fortified settlement from the 9th. century, were built according to actual finds. Visitors can see for example fortifications with an entry gate and watch towers, a trading area, an official seat of a Great Moravian noble, as well as a replica of the former Church of St. Jan in Modrá. The tour ends at tradesmen’s workshops and an information centre with a vast selection of traditional products.

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