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Benedictine Monastery with St. Peter and Paul Church in Rajhrad

  • Type of the point of interest: Sacral sights and pilgrim places Sacral sights and pilgrim places
  • Address: Klášter 1, 664 61 Rajhrad
  • Telephone: +420 547 230 027
  • Web:
  • E-mail:

GPS: 49°5'17.47", 16°37'12.536"

The oldest monastery in Moravia was officialy founded by duke Břetislav around 1045, but according to a legend it might have been built even during the period of the Constantine and Method´s missions. Since long ago Rajhrad has been a cultural centre; from the monastery´s art gallery come Gothic paintings of the Rajhrad´s altar Master which are kept in the galleries in Prague and Brno. The monastery area was built in the first half of the 18th. century according to the project of J. B. Santini-Aichel – famous Baroque architect. One part of the monastery is dedicated to the Museum of Czech Literature, an exhibition museum of the Brno Township.


The ORA ET LABORA FOUNDATION was founded by the Town of RAJHRAD in March 1995. On 19th of March 1998 it was registered in the register of foundations (reference number N 4), in accordance with the Act. No. 227/1997, at the Regional Court in Brno. Its name was derived from the motto of Benedictines – “Pray and Work”. The Foundation’s mission:The rescue and utilisation of the immovable cultural heritage - the Benedictine monastery of Rajhrad, the oldest monastery in Moravia, which is a jewel of baroque architecture (Giovanni Santini-Aichl), The rescue of the literary heritage – the books and movables of the monastery library. (Completed.) The Foundation functions purely on voluntary basis. Its members get no rewards for their efforts. It has no employees. The Foundation co-operates closely with the owner – the Benedictine Abbacy. It helps to coordinate the efficient progression of repairs, and together with the Town of Rajhrad helps to obtain financial resources. Some financial assistance for the monastery restoration came from the state budget and these day also from the budget of JmK (Southern Moravia Region). The special subsidies obtained from the Fund for Restoration of Cultural Heritage are used for progressive improvement of the stability of buildings and were also used for the restoration of the library. The Foundation is trying to secure the continuation of state support as well as to obtain further donations from various donors. These are not only corporations, but also private persons, whose contributions are not negligible. From October 1995 to November 2009, almost 10 millions Czech Crowns have been collected. But the completion of the monastery restoration is still a long way away. The total estimate for the reconstruction is at least 1 milliard Czech Crowns. But we hope, that by a joint effort we can achieve our goal.

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