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Svatá Hora u Příbrami (Saint Mountain by Příbram)

GPS: 49°41'4.394", 14°1'2.154"

The Saint Mountain by Příbram is the oldest and the most famous Marian pilgrim place in the Czech Republic. The statue of Marie Svatohorská with Jesus in a splendid silver altar was craved out of pear wood in the first half of the 14th. century by the first Czech archbishop Arnošt from Pardubice. In the 16th. century it was transported to the Chapel on the Saint Mountain and many pilgrims began coming to her. The sightseeing path includes the Church of the Ascension of the Virgin Mary which has been conceded the title of minor basilica. Apart from the church, visitors can also admire a chapel, an ambit, the Pražská and Březnická brána (Prague and Březnice Gate), a way of cross, a fountain, a stalactical chapel of the St. Mary Magdalena and the Svatohorské schody (Saint Mountain Stairs) with a multimedial explanation of history.


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