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Svatý Hostýn (Saint Hostýn)

  • Type of the point of interest: Sacral sights and pilgrim places Sacral sights and pilgrim places
  • Address: Svatý Hostýn 115, 76861 Bystřice p. Host.
  • Telephone: +420 573 381 693
  • Web:
  • E-mail:

GPS: 49°22'32.711", 17°42'5.983"

Thanks to its extraordinary location on the Haná lowlands, this 735 m high Hostýnská hora (Hostýn Mountain) with its pilgrim basilica of the Ascension of the Virgin Mary is nicknamed the lighthouse of Moravia. The 13th. century legend says that the Virgin Mary of St. Hostýn miraculously averted the Tatar invasion. To honour this act, grateful believers built her a basilica which became the sought-after destination of many pilgrims. The most interesting, out of the two Ways of the Cross, is the younger one built by architect D. Jurkovič, inspired by folk architecture of the Valachian Region.


V oblasti do 30 km jsem nalezl 28 ubytovacích zařízení v těchto obcích:

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