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ZOO Olomouc

GPS: 49°37'59.16", 17°20'36.6"

The Olomouc Zoo, located in a mixed forest covering an area of 425 hectares, takes care of more than 250 animal species. Its greatest breeding successes include the regular births of Rothschild giraffes, south African antelopes, one and two-humped camels and many other endangered species. Visitors can admire black-fin sharks, which live in the Zoo´s largest reservoir (a volume of 17,000 litres). The ZOO´s rarity is a walk on a suspention bridge through the monkey free-run leading to the valley with red-faced macaques. Similar exhibitions can only be found in Holland and Denmark. One of the attractions is a 30 m high lookout tower and there are also numerous possibilities of buying refreshment and souvenirs and many children´s playgrounds. A pavilion of tigers and crocodiles, expositions of shark aquariums, a big aviary for birds of prey, a pavilion for giraffes and the one for vampire bats deserve attention.


po-ne: 8.00-16.00
březen, září:
po-ne: 8.00-16.30
duben-srpen: 8.00-18.00


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